Friday, September 14, 2012

i am back!

wow, i took a really long bloggin' break. there is so much to catch up on! well, right now i am 28 weeks pregnant with my third girlie! i know, i know, crazy but we are so happy and so blessed that everything is going well. a little while after my last post in march is when we found out and i probably had about a week until the mother of all morning sickness gave me a visit. holy moly i was a mess! for all those mamas out there who know what i am talking about, it's a rough existence. and it lasted over 16 weeks! anyway, that is mainly the reason for such a long hiatus.
so, what's new? well, i have put design work on hold and maybe for a long while because i graduated from integrative nutrition last month. woo hoo! it was truly a great year and i actually miss my classes. after the baby is born and things settle, i am going to put my focus towards this next venture. until then i am looking forward to nesting, cooking away, being creative, blogging and maybe even catching up on some reading. it is going to be a peaceful autumn. aaahhh.

here's a little recap of our spring and summer. peace + love.

washington square park
one more time at moomah
buttermilk falls
serendipity frozen hot chocolate
a rare occurance
natural egg dying
tea party
lounging in the dandelions
liberty school garden
 school play
 strawberry picking out east
 our japanese cucs
 4 years old - mermaid party
 sweet girl
 rockland feis
 baby "girl"
 a harvest
 long beach island
 gramp's pyramid
 salt dough shell mosaics
 we found a starfish! we put him back, too.
 liberty garden's legit pumpkin patch
 stone barns center
 our bountiful garden this year!

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JGH said...

Ohmygosh - where have I been!? Congratulations! And of course I was smiling to see the liberty school garden photos :)